It is very important to gently introduce your baby to family members and his/her new environment.  Provide some down time and allow your puppy to get acquainted with new faces and new places at his own speed.

We strongly urge limiting handling, visitors, outings, and traveling during the first few weeks after arrival, this is very important.  Especially if there are children in
the family, limit playtime so that puppy is resting or has quite time at least half of
the time.  Puppies are like babies - they need time to rest and recharge and a lot
of TLC.

Providing access to food and water 24/7 is a must for your new puppy at first.  If your puppy won't eat the dry Diamond Naturals small breed puppy food, mix 3 Tablespoon of warm water with about 1 Tablespoon of ground Diamond Naturalssmall breed puppy food. They love this.  Keep water and dry food out all the time in an area he can find easily if your puppy is not an over eater.  Prevent attacks by feeding a high quality kibble diet.  We use and recommend Diamond Naturals Small Breed puppy food.  The only place you can purchase Diamond Naturals Small Breed puppy food is at a feed store or a tractor supply store.

Energy is stored in the liver and tiny puppies have super tiny livers!  Therefore, they need the opportunity to eat frequently in order to restore their energy and to prevent low blood sugar, (hypoglycemia).  See website for important information on preventing and recognizing symptoms of hypoglycemia.  IF YOUR PUPPY DOES NOT EAT – CALL ME -   PUPPY MUST EAT OR HYPOGLYCEMIA WILL OCCUR AND CAN RESULT IN DEATH.

Consider arranging your schedule to allow for some extra free time for the first few days after the puppy arrives.  This is a period of adjustment for the puppy and you will want to be with him to be sure he eats and to get a good start on potty training.  There are different ways to potty train and some very good websites to guide you along.

Remember, you can call me if you have any questions about your new puppy’s care, Angela Burk 501-843-9297.

Please send pictures and updates on how your puppy is doing to or 196 Morgan Lane, Cabot, AR 72023.

Taking Puppy Home